Product Review 

"Ever since I started using the Boom Swinger I found myself to be much happier during longer takes on set"
Allen - Sound Speeds

"We received the Boom-Buddy 24 hours before an important filming job and have been thrilled by the results. It's a great product and we thoroughly recommend it, it's worth every penny"
Glen - Creative Director, UK

"The great thing about Boom-Buddy is it that it saves carrying gear. It looks neat and replace and surpasses a lazy arm. I like the idea of being able to angle the boom, something you can’t do with a clamp."
Nick - Sound recordist, UK

"Mounting your boom pole onto the Boom-Buddy is as easy as ABC and takes all of 3 seconds. This is down to the clever design; in my opinion it deserves an award."
Nigel - DV User Magazine

"I’ve rationalised my sound kit to allow me to use my motorbike for work. Eliminating the need for a lazy arm has been fundamental to this. The extra height and reach is a great advantage too."
Simon - Sound Recordist, UK

"I just received the Boom-Buddy today. Thank you so much it is even better than I expected."
Derek - Sound Recordist, San Francisco

"Boom-Buddy is the ideal solution for us since it’s very affordable, quick and easy to use."
Katy - Smartbox, Portugal

Our friends at Sound Speeds made a great review showing both the Boom-Buddy Holder & Boom-Buddy Swinger.

Amazing Reviews for both our products by Morphilm Academy.