Spares & Replacements

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Boom-Buddy Adaptor
  • Allows the Boom Buddy to be used with any c-stand knuckle.
  • Can be tightened by the side thumb screw.
  • The 90mm steel rod allows to tighten it into any c-stand knuckle.
  • The adaptor is included with every Boom-Buddy Holder
Boom-Buddy Boom Holder Spares Kit

The Boom Holder Spares Kit provides everything your need to make quick repairs to your Boom Holder. The kit includes:

  • x3 Thumbscrews
  • x3 Wing Knobs
  • x3 Washers
  • x3 Rubber O Rings
Boom Buddy Replacement Bung for Boom Poles
Boom Buddy Replacement Bung for Boom Poles
  • Replacement Boompole Bung/End Cap
  • Fits Boom-Buddy Boompoles
  • Easy replacement, not tools needed
  • Rubber material for best resistance